Charotie and Sterling Silver Ring

A beautiful Charoite gemstone cabochon set in Sterling Silver.

This free-form cabochon is Charoite. Charoite is a stunning mineral that ranges from lavender to deep purple. White streaks swirl throughout this cab. This cab has some black crystal pencils that appear to be black tourmaline but are actually the mineral Aegirine. Tinaksite is the grayish-white, yellowish, and orange areas in this cab and are often found in Charoite. Charoite is a rare mineral from northern Russia. The mines are rapidly running out of this beautiful gemstone.

Charoite gemstone measures 1 1/16 inches x 9/16 inches (22mm x 15mm)
Sterling Silver backplate measures 1 1/4 inches x 11/16 inches (32mm x 17mm)

Ring size 9

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